In a bid to fill in, every step of the supply chain in the packaging eco-system, we have stepped in to offer endof line packaging solutions too. Introducing our brand new 3-layer Collation Shrink Film line. From Reifenhäuser, Germany.

The plant has been specifically customized for the most efficient productions of LD shrink film. This shrink film provides you with an opportunity to reduce your existing paper carton for lesser packaging cost, easy handling and great merchandising appeal.

The high performance collation shrink film has been specifically developed, keeping in mind the extreme climatic conditions of India, vagaries of transportation and the need for extended durability.

  • Latest 3 layer blown film line with a layflat width of 2.6 meters
  • Custom built line for the exclusive production of shrink film only
  • Inline precision thickness measurement & control with auto bubble correction
  • Upto 50% Cheaper than Corrugated Paper Packaging
  • Use of new age Raw Materials with advanced features
  • Ultra-low gauge film possibility, as low as 40 micron
  • Uniform thickness yielding more no. of packs
  • Excellent Stiffness and Flatness
  • Enhanced Merchandising Appeal