Manjushree | Restorative Design Engineering Approach

Manjushree | Restorative Design Engineering Approach

Today’s highly competitive consumer goods industry has high demands from packaging. They expect their packaging to deliver filling differentiation, cost reduction, and increasingly aggressive sustainability targets. Brand Owners and Retailers want packaging suppliers to deliver more economical products without compromising on quality and performance. Multinationals actively seek packaging solutions which meet their global environmental and sustainability commitments.

Plastic is a material that fulfills all these requirements, is of mass use while being environmentally friendly. In fact, a report by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas estimated that the annual per capita consumption of plastic in India would be 20 kgs by 2022. In India, around 43% of manufactured plastics are used for packaging purposes. Therefore, taking a fresh look at packaging design in terms of complexity and weight can drastically impact the end-of-life of plastic-based packaging products.

We work with FMCG and other consumer goods companies to redesign their packaging so they can optimise, differentiate, and grow their business in a more demanding world. In the past, our redesign projects have resulted in reducing up to 20% of plastic per package.

We elaborate here our Restorative Design Engineering process to develop sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Opportunity Mapping

We start the process with a design and material research for segment-focused opportunities to help identify the end user’s usage application, geographic impact, and competitive edge a brand can have by adapting a new design.

Idea Workshop

This is stage is mostly a combined working session with our clients to identify new and differentiated packaging opportunities. At this stage, we usually present different design concepts and approaches that can be adopted to give the brand a new shape.

Cost Modelling

The ideation is followed by a Total Applied Cost analysis to clearly define and demonstrate the cost of switching from alternate packaging material to sustainable plastic and redesign benefits.

Concept Development

Using our advanced 3D printers, we develop prototypes, leveraging our broad portfolio of materials and technologies to create differentiated products without impacting valuable production time or resources.

Market Proofing

Once the prototype is developed, we work with our clients to do a line and shelf-life study to improve the operational excellence for our clients and help them raise their margins and competitiveness

Converting & Application Support

With eight manufacturing plants spread across India, we offer optimised converting with quick time-to-market and fast troubleshooting. For our customers, we provide on request support from our team of industry experts.

Quality Assurance

We offer exceptional physical & analytical testing from a dedicated, highly experienced team of QA experts, chemists, and material engineers using advanced testing laboratories and instruments.

We have a team of sustainability specialists with knowledge of complex compliance requirements, emerging trends, and best practices. We also offer end-of-life management support to our customers by providing a viable solution in the form of premium recycled resins to fulfill their extended producer responsibility and neutralise the environmental impact of their packaging.

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