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Born Again provides an avenue for brands and manufacturers to source a consistent supply of high-quality recycled PP and HDPE plastic from responsibly collected post-consumer and post-industrial waste.


Why choose Born Again?

1. Our vertically integrated supply chain ensures a consistent delivery system

2. Quality checks at every stage result in odourless granules that match FMCG and manufacturing requirements

3. Our R&D team can help you with environment impact analysis to help you reach your sustainability goals sooner

4. From CO2 reduction to livelihood creation, with our partners we can help you CSR into the heart of your company

Our Mission

1. Strive to provide the excellent plastics solutions to the customers at competitive prices.

2. Poised to service both large and small customers.

3. Committed to establishing a circular economy sustainable model.

Our Approach

We are developing a vertically integrated, plastic waste management system by partnering with NGOs like Saahas and other waste aggregators to collect end-of-life plastic. The plastic bales are brought to our facility, where it goes through multiple stages of treatment to remove inks, coatings, and other contaminants to produce near virgin recycled resins.

We currently have the capacity to manage 7000 MTPA of HDPE waste which post-processing will be able to produce approximately 5200 MTPA of high-quality PCR resin, we will soon be expanding into setting up a PET recycling line of 14000 MTPA capacity.


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